William Leslie, Lightsculpture Artist & Philosopher
760 724 0319
Oceanside, California - Milano, Italy

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Our imaginary world of bioluminescent creatures is welcoming travelers at San Diego Airport, Terminal 2.

This extraordinary installation shows the collaboration of our master William Leslie, his creative team Alessandra Colfi, Nathan Harrenstein and LED lighting experts

Lisa & Chris Isaacson of Numinus - Portrait Corridor, upstairs, on the way to baggage claim, till April 2012.






You are listening to: 'Lokaha'

(May All Beings Be Happy)

by Wah!, courtesy of

'When I began working with paper, wood, and light, I called my pieces “lanterns.”

As my creativity and skills developed, I began to focus more on the sculptural aspect rather than the functional,

and to create pieces that stand alone as works of art with the light on or off.

My work reflects a fascination with how nature moves on graceful paths or organizes itself in flowing patterns.  Why human consciousness contemplates this with joy is a delicious mystery to me. My task is to express and illuminate in ever more novel ways the swirl of texture in marble or wood grain, the evolving folds in flowers or seashells, the fluid patterns left on sea-swept sand. I strive to create beautiful forms that will invite people out of their mental busyness to see the timelessness in passing time. Human life, too, is a whirling dance of patterns within patterns'.

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